Assima Multilingual Suite

Deliver dynamic multilingual interfaces on-the-fly

Offering a fast, efficient way to transform your applications into the language of your users, the Assima Multilingual Suite (AMS) is the cross-platform solution that turns any application multilingual.

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Increase your revenue by selling your software internationally


Deliver applications that work in the language of your end-users


Support all official and regional languages. Comply with local law
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Build real competitive advantage

Externalize the translation process from the application source code

Extract interface text automatically from the source code or from captured screens

Replace application text with translated dictionary text, at the point when the screen as it is displayed to the user

Resize screen controls, customize objects and adjust translations to suit the new interface

Unique ‘Live Language’ switching not only increases speed to market but also improves customer service and support

How it Works

By extracting the User Interface text from the application code into a separate database file, the application interface can be translated without interfering with the source application code.

When a translated instance is called by the user, the Runtime Localization Technology™ intercepts and replaces the application text running in its original language, with a new translated interface layer.


The first goal is to establish the list of texts to translate. This is usually built by running one or several of the extractor components that come with AMS.


This is where the translations are entered directly into AMS or using Excel and then imported. This is an easy process with no training required.


The translated application can then be tested and checked for issues including missing or incorrect translations.


It is possible to create one version of the application per language or have one localized version that contains all languages. The last step is generally straightforward and Software Vendors can easily embed the AMS runtime inside their applications.